Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Dog Park Friend

We went the dog park again last night. We met up with Maddox, a four month old husky. He was so cute! We can't believe we were once that little! Also while we were there, two other huskies came. One looked almost identical to me! She ran around so much that Mom didn't get a good picture of her.

Here's a picture of us playing in the pool. That's Maddox trying to chew on the edge of the pool. Isn't he so cute?This is another picture of Steve and me. We kind of hog the pool when we are there.Here's a video of us playing in the pool. Maddox is trying to get brave enough to get in!

At first, Maddox was pretty shy because it was his first time at the dog park. But soon enough he really wanted to play with Steve and me. Here are a couple of videos of him playing with us and watching us wrestle.



Koda said...

Nice videos, but that pool, yuck! Tell them to build a real pond at that dog park! The pond at our park is shaped like a milk bone so it looks kewl from the sky, not that I am ever going up there to look. But mom says its bigger than most human pools. Humans aren't allowed in it though. Your park needs a proper dog pond!

Tucker said...

Cute little Maddox! Doesn't Wilbur go swimming with you? I'm sure he'd enjoy it!

Kapp pack said...

That looks like too much fun...I wish we had a dog park. It's no fair!

Kisses, Sky

One Little Birdie said...

our dog park doesn't have a pool at all, but we have our little pol like that one. That puppy sure is a cutie. We've been too busy doing the meet & greet thing to visit the park lately.

Deanna said...

That looks like tons of fun!

Maddox said...

Oh, my Mom Person says WOW on the pics and videos! She is going to share a link to your blog to show her friends, if that is okay.

I had so much fun. Wish I was at the park right now but Mom says no, too much laundry to do.

No fair.


Khady Lynn said...

What a cutie!! And you all played together so nicely. I think your humans need another foster dog for you to play with!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

THE Khyra agrees with HollyBollyBoo!


THE Khyra

Carolyn said...

My Mom is thinking *I* need someone else besides the boring ol' Springers at home to play with.

She keeps saying "I can't afford another I can't afford another" but can't stop looking around at doggy pages, either, because Steve and Kat are so funny together.

Maddox, toes crossed

Maddox said...

And my Mom says she is sorry she posted from her blogspot, oops...she really needs more practice at this cuz she doesn't know what she's doing.


Bama said...

OMG, Maddox is SUCH a cutie!! And y'all played so nice with him. Our dog park has a huge pond with a fountain in the middle, called Lake Bowwow, and when it opened it was the largest dog park in area in the country, but sadly a developer bought the land. He said he might still keep part of it as a dog park but he's not sure. We sure hope so cause it's lots of fun to go run & play. We're gonna miss it if he turns it into boring old buildings & stuff...
Bama & RHP

Mike and Mati said...

Oh my Gosh! A GSD and a weimaraner in Husky Park!!! How did they get in there? That looks like fun. And poor little puppy Husky couldn't keep up! We feel for puppy! Stay well and have fuunnnnn! Love Rocky and Mati

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

woowoo! what fun!!! I keep telling mom to get us a pool for the yard! at least we have lots of water to swim in at our dog parks though.

Hello little Maddox! I saw a little b/w sibe pup yesterday at the park, but he left before I could terrorize, I mean "play" with him. }:)


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Oh-woo that is a cool video of you 2 in the pool. That looks like so much fun! I luv doing the backstroke in our big water bowl in the kitchen (mommy yells at me when I do). Imagine the fun I could have in a pool!! Maybe next year I could get one for my birfday. I gotta work on Cosmos to leave hints for me.

Amici said...

I love the water at the dog park too! We don't have a cool kiddie pool but we have a good size doggie tub and I love it! Yesterday some other dog wouldn't let me in it while he was in it. I got snapped at. Meanie.

We love your pictures and your new friend. Maddox is way cute!

Thor said...

LOVE the videos! That looked like so much fun! Mama, I want a pool this year!!