Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hi, Kat here. I sneaked onto Dad's computer. Mom is still gone and I don't know if that's got Steve and me agitated or what, but last night, we had a major fight. I mean MAJOR. We've never fought like that before. It's just that I'm sick and tired of Steve trying to take everything I have and I let him have it. Of course, he let me have it right back and after Dad stopped the fight, I was limping. Steve doesn't give up though, and as you can see in the latest video on our video page, he just kept yelling at me to give him my toys. I'm good at ignoring him though. Dad was really worried about our viscous fighting. I heard him talking to Mom about it on the phone. Maybe we just haven't worked out our pack hierarchy or something. Anyway, we're okay now. We wrestled and stuff this morning before we went to day camp. I just hope he doesn't try any of his antics tonight to steal my stuff.


PS. I want to give a bark out to my Texas grandma. I know she reads our blog and she sent us a package in the mail the other day with toys in it. How great are Grandmas? If they sent packages with toys and treats, I think I need like 100 million grandmas. Anyway, thanks so much!!!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hey Steve & Kat! Tasha & Eva her. I'm sure you guys will work out your differences. Its what has to be done in a pack. Just try to remember that mom and dad are always Alpha. It can kinda suck sometimes but they know whats best for you! We've been watching you guys grow up these last few months and we think you are both very handsome huskies! We just started our blog and would love for you to come visit us sometime! Belly Rubs for you both!! Tasha & Eva

Sooky said...

Hi Kat,
Sorry to hear you and Steve got into a fight, I think that's pretty normal, Rocky and I fight too.You are both probably just missing your Mom.
Puppy Kisses, Sooky

Anonymous said...

Rut Ro!!! I hate that you two got into a fight. I am sure you have made up by now :)
Hugs, Sitka

The Brat Pack said...

Hey Steve & Kat!
Pack fighting just happens, we do it all the time. It probably doesn't help Mom is gone either.

The Brat Pack

Khady Lynn said...

Although they look nasty, most of the time it won't get too out of hand. I'm sure you are just trying to figure out who gets to be alpha.

Be careful though! The ER clinic is not a good place to be!


Macie-Malechai said...

We have had the same thing going on lately (see todays blog) we have actually drawn blood, we're not sure why this is happening though, normaly we just fightclub & then go about our business. Maybe it's something in the air?
Just don't let it get too serious, it freaks the humans out!
Face Licks, M&M

The Army of Four said...

Hey pups! Sounds like you're sorting out alpha status to me. Very normal. Two pieces of advice:
#1. Both of you must listen to the bipeds and STOP fighting when they tell you to.
#2. Kat is in charge. She's the girl. So she is.
Get vocal with each other if you must, but PLEASE don't hurt each other!!!
Tail wags,