Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Tribute to Otto

Hey doggies. Steve here. I just got my nails trimmed, so I am lightning fast at typing today!

I have two cousins who live in California. Their names are Ed and Otto. They aren't huskies, but we're cousins because their parents are my mom's cousins. I haven't met them, but they sound like some totally cool dogs, and if anypup knows cool, it's me. First off, they can eat off of a fork. How refined! Ed is the big brother and he learned table manners first and then when Otto joined the pack, he taught him to eat politely off of a fork too. Ed and Otto also have to share a house with cats (even one named Wilbur, just like I do). I bet Ed and Otto have lots of other tricks as well, but what really made my ears perk up is when I heard that their parents said that Otto is really good at growling. Apparently, when someone walks by a window in his house he says, "Grrrr". When he's riding in the car and someone drives by he says, "Grrrr". Basically he must say "Grrrr" a lot. I think Otto and I must be kindred spirits because I also like to be a very vocal pup. I don't say "Grrrr" to people walking by the house, but when my mom or dad wants to pet me, I say "Grrrr" while they are rubbing my tummy.

So in honor of Otto, I've posted a new video on our video page. (My mom is in this video a lot because I only make noises when she's cuddling me, so I apologize for the non-canine representation in the movie.)


PS. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of Ed and Otto. I'll have to put that on my To-Do-Wooo list.