Monday, March 27, 2006

Awards and Honors

The Catwalk of Fame Award presented by The Bumpass Kitties.
The International Bloggers Community Award presented by Huffle Mawson.The Neno Award presented by Huffle Mawson.

The Creative Blogger Award presented by Star and Jack.

Roses presented by The Army of Four.
Bloggy Friends Award presented by The OP Pack, Tibby, and Kelsey.
5 Star Award presented by Khyra.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how cool is this. Like the Sheriff said in Jaws "You're gonna need a bigger page" for all the awards that y'all garner.
- The Bumpass Hounds

Randi Lyn said...

Our huMom wants to know how woo made all the tabs on the top of the page. She thinks our blog needs some enhancement.

Thank WOOOO!
Kayla and Maebe