Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to Go to the Dog Park, Part 1

We went to the dog park yesterday.  We are aware that several of our friends never get to go to dog parks, so we thought we'd do a multiple part series on how to get your parents to take you to the dog park.  Here's how it goes at our house.

Mom goes outside and sees that it's a sunny day.  She comes inside and says to Dad, "It's really nice outside.  I think we should take Steve and Kat to the D.P."  Mom thinks that we don't know that "D.P." stands for "dog park".  We do know that, but we go along with the ruse and only get excited at the full words "dog park".

So after Dad agrees with Mom that going to the "D.P." is a good idea, Mom then asks us if we want to go.  We had her video this process so you pups could get it just right.  First you have to tilt your head when your parent first asks you if you want to go.  Then upon the second question, go nuts!  Show them that you want to go really badly!  Even though you're obviously going nuts and want to go, humans feel that they need to ask you several times if you want to go.  It's like they don't understand how we communicate.  Don't get discouraged, humans aren't as smart as canines, and they will eventually get the message.

Next we will cover how to actually get your parents out of the house.


One of the pack said...

Hey gang. We love going too. In fact one of our favorite things is to try to tangle the humans up before even getting out of the door. We find it helps to ensure they actually make it out of the house. We can't wait to learn more of your tricks.

Heidi, Journey, Rosemary, Lola, Witty

P.S. Witty here. I just let y'all do all the work and follow behind when the door opens!

PetraZ said...

We are off to the dog park in a few minutes to test out the new camera but before we go we want to give you the link to some photos from the dog sled mail run:
BTW, the bonana popsicle was delicious.

Franki V

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm taking notes FUR when MINE opens!

It will be sometime this spring - and it will only be about TEN minutes away!!



PeeEss: woo two sooo have khute nailed!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Oh, you huskies are so smart: don't you know that no human can resist the fetching head tilt? I swear, I'm tempted to give Ari all of my credit cards, a pound of butter, and anything else she asks for when I get one of those.

We LOVE dog parks. Wish there was one where all the bloggers could hang out together!

Khady Lynn said...

That was sooo cute!! I love the way the two of you look like you are dancing there at the end!!


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Blogger ate our comment. But we wanted you to know we understood you.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

the many Bs said...

Hi kids, you know the strategy. it's cute to watch you two wag your big fluffy tails. we know what that DP word means too. we know when it's a weekend day and just how to nag mom to make her take us there. we bet you had a lot of fun there.


The Daily Echo said...

Oh you two have that down to a science! I don't know why humans think we can't spell.

The Brat Pack said...

You two are so smart and sooo cute. I liked the way you grabbed each other at the end cause you were so excited!


PS I've given up that humans will ever be as smart as us.

Ferndoggle said...

I haven't been to the DP in years. I get in trouble b/c I walk around & hump all the boy dogs. Can't wait to see what your park is like!


Peanut said...

There is no dog park close to us. :( But hey we got something in the mail from you guys today and it is goooooood.

Marley said...

Ha woo! That's terrific! I want to go to the dog park, too!!!! Can I come?! Can I??

You are right, though...humans definitely don't get it. Your mom asked you 1000x! "


P.S. Don't eat banana bread! You're not supposed to be stupid like Ziggy! You guys gotta stay healthy!

Kathryn and Ari said...

You've been tagged! Come visit our blog to see!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dogness! You both are so stinkin' cute! I agree... I don't understand why the humans have to ask us the same question like a thousand times before they actually follow through with what they are asking.

Tucker said...

I don't think the humans are especially dumb ... when it comes to asking about something they know we like, anyway.

I think they like to torture us! Or whip us into a frenzy!

Which I thought was a drink or a dessert or something. But the Human Assistant says no.

If I can trust what he says....

Koda said...

Well that is cute but you guys are sooo calm. Mom says we should act like you, we don't wait to be invited. We know when it is the weekend and we know when mom is getting ready to go somewhere. We naturally assume if she is going somewhere on the weekend that she is taking us. We start running to the door, jumping on the couch, biting each other, we get so excited we just can't contain ourselves. No hu-mom can run off and leave two dogs in that manic condition. She knows she is not allowed to leave the house without us on the weekend. She explained to us about bone money and having to go to work on weekdays so we ignore her getting ready then.