Monday, November 5, 2007

Move Details

Now that the big announcement has been made, we have received some questions from our friends, so we're going to fill everypup in on the details.

As most of our friends know, we were going to move to Maryland in the fall of 2008. That move was for a temporary assignment with Mom and Dad's work. They have been talking for months about where they want to move after the Maryland assignment was completed since Dad was positive he didn't want to move back to Texas. He has basically spent his entire life in Texas and wants to move somewhere with mountains, water, and lots of trees and grass. At first he mentioned Denver, but Mom thought it would be too cold for her. (Not for us though!) So they had agreed on Seattle.

Then in early October, Mom got a phone call for an interview with a company in the Seattle area. (Remember when we got the cookies with our names on them? Mom bought them for us in Seattle! We both hope now that we will live there, we will get cookies like those every day.) Apparently the people interviewing Mom liked her and the company gave her a job offer. So long story short, she is going to take it and we are moving over Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad decided just to take the plunge and move up there now instead of in a year or two after the temporary assignment. At first it will just be Mom and "the zoo" (that's what she calls all the pets) living up there. Dad is going to stay back in Texas and work on selling the house for a while, but we are hoping that he comes up there shortly after Christmas. He will definitely be visiting us a lot, because who wouldn't miss our cute faces?

This move is going to mean big changes for Mom and Dad, but also for us! We are going to be living in a townhome. Wilbur is pretty excited because he loves stairs to run up and down. However, Mom is worried about us because we won't have a backyard. It's just a temporary solution so we'll see how it goes. There is a trail right behind the townhome community so we can go on walks there and the townhome is within walking distance of a store that sells Canidae! I don't know who is planning to walk home with a 40 pound bag of dog food on their shoulder! Mom said the store also sells tons of "good for you" treats, so we would be happy to go shopping there and consume our purchases on the premises. We are also excited about the dog parks. We've been reading Royal's blog for a long time and have been really jealous of his cool dog park and now we can go there! Mom has already emailed Royal's mom and we might have a play date sometime. Royal's mom gave us the lowdown on all the area dog parks.

Mom and Dad were surprised at how difficult it was to find somewhere to rent with us. Not just pets in general, but Siberian Huskies. At some complexes, huskies were on the banned breed list. They were so surprised to discover that. They found us a nice place to live, but it costs a bit more than some of the other places that they were considering. It must be a husky's destructive nature that has gotten them banned some places since we aren't typically aggressive dogs.

The best part of this move is that we will finally see some snow. It might not snow much at all where we live, but Mom and Dad promised to take us to see snow in the mountains for a Christmas present. It's going to be so great. We're also going to start working on our Working Pack Dog titles next summer. There will be lots of trails to explore.

Finally we want to share a poem written for us by Star and Jack-a-roo. It's a great poem and in case some of you didn't see it in the comment of our last post, we wanted to publish it here.

Steve and Kat and Wilbur too
Will soon be going on a move.
Pack your bowls and pack your toys,
Pack all the things that bring you joy.
And on your way up to Seattle
Watch out for strays and big-horned cattle.

Thanks so much for the poem, Star and Jack! Everyone else, stay tuned for more moving news. :-)
Steve and Kat

PS (from Kat). Turbo, I will do my best to get the Cowboys beating the Jayhawks. However, did you see what happened when they played the Longhorns last weekend? Aren't Cowboys supposed to be in charge of Longhorns? Oh, and yes, we do know that the mascot for the University of Washington is a husky. Mom said we should get jobs being the mascot at football games so we could earn our treats!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo might be out mascotted -

STEVE khan represent the Huskies

and Wilbur and K(h)at khan be khougarkhitties!

I'll have to get my hu-mom to post a picture of a Washington Husky thing she has in her office!

Woo three do know you have to good good good khyds for your hu-mom!

As for the bag of Khanidae - tell her woo need a wagon and you khan pull it back from the store!!!



The Daily Echo said...

What an exciting time! Mom said she's not surprised about the rental with huskies thing. It's stupid but apparently whent he dumb insurance companies started listing us as "high risk dogs" (what moron thought THAT one up?), rental complexes did too. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She encounters it alot with adoption applications. We're glad you found someplace that will appreciate you. You'll both make great ambassadors to the breed. You could pull your Canidae home! You just need a cart.

The Brat Pack said...

We're sad you're leaving but it sounds like an exciting change for you all! Sometimes Mom talks about moving away but it'll never happen. Family, you know.

Keep us posted!

Amici said...

Sounds very exciting! We hope you the rest of this month goes by fast, but not so fast that you don't have time to pack! :) Hopefully your Dad will get to join you very soon! We've never moved away like all are brave!

Congratulations on the new job!

Now we can compare SNOW once we start getting some!! We've heard taht Seattle is a great place to live.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

My Human is hoping that the Cowboys are so angry at what the Longhorns did that they will take it out on the Jayhawks!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Moving can be exciting. Just don't furget when you do the move that the first thing you gots to do is hook up the puter so you can keep all of us up-to-date about yur new surroundings.

The Army of Four said...

We think it's funny when those Jayhawks win because those wildkitty fans here get really ticked off. That's amusing somehow.
Your move sounds SO exciting!!! I hope you do get those cookies with your names on them everyday! And snow! That would be so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a fast move. We are happy for your mom's new job. We are sad that your dad will not be joining you until after Christmas, but we know you will see him alot. Thanks for giving us more info. We are sure you will continue to update us :)

Tucker said...

Yes, that is a fast move! Wave when you go past Denver!

Shmoo said...

I am very jealous of you both. My humans want to move from Maryland to Portland. I'm doing what I can to convince them to pack us all up and go, so maybe we'll see you out there.


Khady Lynn said...

We hear that Seattle was suppose to be one of the most pet friendly cities! How strange you had a hard time finding a place to live because of them.

How exciting! Will you be looking for a house right away, or renting for a while!

At least you will be out of the heat!


Jack & Moo said...

Wooos, Steve, Kat, & Wilbur,
we're so glad you liked our little poem...but maybe you should change that "big-horned cattle" to "long-horned cattle", to go with your Texas roots!

Our family did a big move this past year, but dad is the one who got the job & moved first. Sherman & I came out 7 months later. (woos of sadness, 6 weeks later, Sherman was gone.) We moved from a place with a great dogpark to a place with a really pitiful little park. But since Jack can't keep his paws off the small dogs, we don't go anyway. I hope you have better success with your new park.
You're going to get to meet Royal? A-woooos, how cool! We know Royal from another forum, and it would be so cool to get to meet him & his pack! Be sure your humans post lots of pictures of your meeting!

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & the Jack a-roo

Maddox said...

SEATTLE! Ohh it is a great place for dogs! Steve and Kat you will love it. I have gone up there multiple times for various things, and there are so many places within just a few hours' drive to go and hike and investigate that you guys will never ever be bored. You can drive east toward Leavenworth (a really cool place and they love dogs there--there's a great doggy treat store there and all the stores have bowls just for you!) and there you should see snow.

My sister lived there for many years until her SO got a job in Nashville (he's a musician). She misses it terribly, but lived there 'before Seattle was cool.' I do a lot of work up there (railroad stuff) so when I do, I will always think of you two pups.

I doubt we'll see you guys before you move, so we'll stay in touch here. Maddox especially says THANK WOO for being his friend at the park that day, and showing me that he really needed another Siberian Husky to be happy. :) Shelby thanks you all too! (you should see her now! She is so beautiful now!!)

Carolyn and Maddox and Shelby Woo

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

ah! I knew those cookies looked familiar, mom has gotten a doggy cake and various goodies from 3 dog bakery before. it smells soooo good in there! Ive only been once though. :(

ooo Paddywack! That is my faaavorite place! Mom takes me in there all the time, the people there always have grreat treats!!!

I hope you guys had a good trip!! How long did it take to drive here? I hope you didnt make the humans too crazy. ;) ha-woo!

Hope to see you around!!