Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Road Trip - Day 5

It's Day 5! I guess our clue for yesterday was a bit too difficult because no one got the right answer. We were at Prairie State Park, just outside of Liberal, Missouri. Since no one got the right answer, we used a random number generator and it picked #8, which means that Wild Dingo, who left the 8th comment wins for today!

So now that you know where we were, let's check our map.

For today's secret location, we are going to give another clue along with the picture:
We are at the birthplace of a US President, who had a middle initial, but no middle name. What city are we in?

Leave your guess in the comments and we will reveal the answer and the next clue tomorrow at 6PM Pacific time!


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Lamar, MO!!! Wooo! Since you're so close to us, you should come spend some time on the banks of Lake Turbo.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hope, Arkansas

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We know America needs him -

PeeEssWoo: Did the bukhk truly stop there?

Jack & Moo said...

It was Harry "S" Truman, so woo must be in Lamar, Missouri!

jack a-roo & miss moo

Teddy Westlife said...

I have no idea! But this is fun.

Lacy said...

w00fs, ur final destination is dallas, texas..

b safe,

Yas said...

Soo much travelling, soo fun!


The Army of Four said...

It's very flat there, isn't it? I was going to say "Ulysses S. Grant", but Ammy said the "S" stood for Stormy and Stormy just rolled her eyes while Ammy giggled. I can't get a straight answer out of those two, but Zim assured me his middle name was Simpson... so either way, it doesn't quite work.

The Kibler-McCabes said...

harry s. truman's home in lamar, mo.

Anonymous said...

Holy cr*p! I never WIN anything! how awesome is that!

thank you. i'd like to thank my siberian and my German Shepherd Formosan Dog for being completely unsupportive in the pursuit of my passion to win a Washington Woos contest. sigh. I could go on and on but the academy is rushing me to hurry up (it's time for the academy's evening snack after all...)

thank you Woos!