Monday, March 30, 2009


Filed by Katherine Olivia, reporter

Huge developments are underway on the case of the missing cookies. Once Sitka and Cornelia Marie heard about the way the media was smearing their good name, the Georgia duo set out to clear themselves of all allegations. After some detective work that would put any TV crime drama to shame, Sitka and Cornelia Marie have nabbed two Georgia squirrels, armed with costumes.
The squirrels were dressing up as Sitka and Cornelia Marie and posing to steal Happy Hearts cookies. Also found in the squirrels' possession were costumes the squirrels used to dress as FedEx workers, allowing them access into the FedEx facilities and giving the squirrels free reign to reroute packages.

Sitka and Cornelia Marie have received the assurances of the squirrels that Steve's cookies will be delivered tomorrow. What is unknown at this time is whether there are more squirrels involved in this scheme or if the two lassoed by Sitka and Cornelia Marie are working alone. All Siberians and other canines are to be on high alert for increased squirrel activity in their area.


Princess Eva and Brice said...

I knew it!!! Sitka and CM would never steal your cookies.

Princess Eva

Moco said...

Where is Homeland Security when you really need them?

Teddy Westlife said...

Where is Border Protection? Don't they stop the evil squirrels moving from state to state?

Huffle Mawson, who never saw this one coming

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We must warn all the other states...THEN the other khountries!

There is just no telling what is next on their skhwirrely agenda!

Tank woo fur the grrrrreat investigative work Kat!

I do hope Steve (SIGH) will share at least one of HIS HH's with woo!


D.K. Wall said...

Terrible, terrible squirrels. Maybe "Super Brice" has special defeating abilities and can come help?

Peanut said...

You know the squirrels around us have been very active. I will have to check into it.

the magic sleigh said...

Hmmm evil squirrels, we will do some extra patrolling here, Scampi almost got one yesterday, they seem to be moving slower or else it is a plot to make us feel that we are all powerful over them, and they are sneaking our cookies out the back door, while one poses waiting for us........
On Alert-Kira and Scampi

Anonymous said...

I knew we didn't do this! Impostors!

The Army of Four said...

I knew those Southern Babes - I mean "Belles" were innocent! Great detective work!
Kat, you're an outstanding reporter!
Play bows,

Ozzie the OZmonster & Zowie said...

Who would have thought that those stoopid tree climbing rodents could have come up with such a profound scam. I have to say, I wish I had come up with it.


PS. I am still waiting by the door to make sure they aren't really being shipped here.

Hero said...

I will definitely be watching out for increased squirrel activity! I know those little evil rodents are always up to something! How dare they taint the good names of sibes!


Anonymous said...

Sherlock Bumpass and Dr. Hounds herewe knew it all along. You have produced impeccable photographic evidence proving the guilt of the evil squirrel suspects. We all know that picture don't lie and the camera is an accurate depiction of fact (unless of course it's a picture of Sophie cuz she says that adds about 10 lbs to female appearances). Great investigative work. Pip-pip Cheerio.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

So who is on duty for the arrival of the truck??? Maybe we all need to head to Washington to save Steve's Happy Heart Cookies.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Jack & Moo said...

Woos & a-rooos! We're been off-line all week, so we're just reading this now ---
Great job by Sitka & CM in lassoing those rascally sqwirrels. Good photo-journalism on your part - Who'd have believed it if woo hadn't caught the whole thing on camera!