Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shopping Trip!!

I had to wear my gentle leader for the first time yesterday.  It was terrible.  Here's Dad fitting it on me.  Notice how Mom has her finger holding my collar.  I was trapped.

Here I am after it was on.  I look very handsome in the picture, but in reality, my spirit was beaten down.  (Kat had to wear her gentle leader too, but she doesn't have it on yet in this picture.)
Just when I thought that Mom and Dad were just going to make me wear the stupid thing for their amusement, they hooked up my leash and said, "Let's go shopping!"  We walked to my new favorite store, Paddywack.  I like Paddywack because they have a lot of good smelling treats and dog food.  Yesterday, we weren't there to buy Canidae, we were picking out a new toy for me since the whole ordeal with Santa.

We really took a long time deciding what to get, but I finally settled on a Kong on a rope.  Here we are back at the house and Dad is dangling it in my face.
I didn't pay much attention to it when Dad first tried to play, but Mom caught me later in the day.
This morning, I have already had a spirited game of tug o'war with the kong on a rope, so I am glad my parents came to their senses that I needed a toy.


Frankie Girl, Maddie and Domino said...

Oh My Goooooosh Steve, I think you got A04's Dave, most favorite toy
the Blue Kong on a Rope! HOW COOL. Have fun with are so lucky, we have never found that one in these parts.

Frankie Grrl

Tucker said...

It's about time they got you a good present! That's good that you weren't eager about it. Make 'em worry some more about not being good to you!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We're sorry about the "gentle leader". We had one too but it hasn't been seen in a few years.

We like your new favorite store. They carry some great products. We like the Castor & Pollux "ORGANIX® ORGANIC DOG COOKIES". Which reminds me, "Hey Mom, we're low on treats"

We love Kongs too but only the regular ones cuz Momma fills them with kibble and peanut butter and then freezes them.

Belly Rubs,

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Oh Woe is WOO!

Woo khan khome here whenever woo want and play with any of my toys!!

AND we don't have no stinkin' evil khritters in the house to khause you distress!!!



Pee-S: Woo are the most handsome furry Sibe fella I know - I mean Dave is khute and all BUT you are just furry handsome!

The Brat Pack said... toy. Did that leader thing work? I heard Dot and Bear were getting one.


The Army of Four said...

Wooooooooooo! Steve! Frankie is RIGHT! That is my most favorite toy EVER! Oh, WOW! I hope you love it as much as I do! Mom throws it for me in the yard and I run, run, run and bring it back! I hope you have TONS of fun with it!
Amber says you look very handsome in your GL but sadder than sad can be. Woo.

Khady Lynn said...

Oh thank dogness!!! You do look totally humiliated while they were trying to put that thing on you.

But, at least you got a toy after making them feel bad!


Anonymous said...

Oh Steve... Wow that Kong on a rope looks Fun! I don't care for my kong unless it has peanut butter inside of it. Maybe a kong on a rope would be a bit funner to play with??? You do look cute with your gentle leader, but not amused. Tell your mom and dad you need LOTS of treats when you wear it to get used to it. Don't paw at it, you will be told to leave it.


The Daily Echo said...

Oh we just noticed that your new favorite store has Merrick food! We had Venison Holiday Stew for Christmas with our Canidae and it was SOOOO YUMMY! You have to check Merrick out next time you go. Tell em Echo sent ya! I love your new toy. You picked a good one.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got such a great present!

HM had to put a gentle leader on Brandi one day - it took her AGES to figure out how to get the thing on!!


Kapp pack said...

I feel your pain! I hate my gentle leader too. I drive mom nuts by stopping to try to push it off of my nose with my paws and sometimes I just rub up against her leg to try to push it off too. Hope those suggestions help!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

sharkgila said...

That gentle leader thing looks mighty uncomfortable. So they decided to bribe you with a toy, eh. Nice toy. (Bite the rope off! It's great fun. I did that to mine.)


Mud Monster said...

Oh Steve. That thing sure doesn't look one bit comfortable. Good job making the bipeds feel sorry for you. They certainly should that Santa Paws getting you a GL for Christmas -- What was he thinking???

On the other hand good choice with the toy. Keep making your bipeds feel sorry for you and your sure to get more goodies!!!

Quincy & Tristin

Jack & Moo said...

Now that's a GOOD toy! I had one of those a long time ago & it took some effort but I finally chewed the rope completely off! That's good you guilt-tripped your dad for awhile. He deserved it.
...about that Gentle rb sis Rosie had to use one of those things because mom said trying to walk her was like trying to walk a steamroller. (She was a big rotti-mix girl). Rosie never seemed to mind it at all, & getting it on ALWAYS meant we were going somewhere good. So maybe it won't be so bad, and maybe they won't use it on you furever. ( We still feel for look miserable with it on.)

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack

Koda said...

Geez what is wrong with Santa Paws bringing you a gentle leader! That is sooooo sad. Mom tried one of those on me when I was in training class but she decided not to buy it, thank goodness! You see I am very friendly to dogs at the dog park but when a dog is around and I am on a leash, I turn into Cujo. Mom was afraid I might break my neck with that gentle leader thing. However after being drug around by two dogs for 4 days on vacation she is reconsidering. Anyways, try acting really crazy and maybe they will take that awful thing off of you!

the many Bs said...

yay! a good toy finally. you actually look handsome in your gentle leader. don't worry about losing your spirit. Bailey wears one and it makes him walk like a perfect gentleman. he still has plenty of spirit though - he's a beast! hee hee.

Benson went to Paddywack with mom on the same day that you did. they didn't see any other dogs there though. then she practiced his obedience lessons in that little area between the stores. it started raining so they stayed under the awnings. Benson was doing okay, but not great, with all of the distractions. his final exam at school is wed. night so mom is practicing him in many different locations.

isn't Paddywack a wonderful store? it's kind of small, but the people are really nice and there are so many good sniffing things in there.

how are you doing on your dog park training? maybe we can meet up there one of these days. we met Royal & company (online) and we want to meet them at the dog park too. that would be fun!

happy 2008 woofers!

Koda said...

Help us Steve! Mom bought two gentle leaders this weekend and made us wear them. She says we look cute like little horses. But they have disturbed the beautiful fur on our snouts. We haven't had them on in 24 hours and you can still see a mark cause they crushed our delicate fur. Do those awful things mar your nose too?