Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Did Wilbur do it?

In response to my post a couple days ago about being sick, my good friend Khyra asked, "P.S. - Are you sure the evil khritter isn't poisoning you somehow? We know how he attakhked your poor innocent hu-mom in her sleep -I'm just wooin'"  (I hope you can all speak Khyra-ese.)

Khyra was referring to Wilbur when she asked about the "evil khritter".  At first I thought, "Oh Khyra, always suspicious of cats.  Wilbur is on the good side."  However, today I am not so sure.  Let me tell you about the new developments.

When I was at the ER vet, they took the poop Mom brought in and sent it off to the lab to get tested.  Today, Mom got a call telling her that I have giardia.  What?  I have a disease?  Now I have to take medicine for my giardia for the next five days and Steve has to go to the vet tomorrow to get tested.

Mom says Steve and I were both vaccinated for giardia, so I think there can only be one explanation.  Wilbur must have broken into the vet's office the day we got our vaccinations and replaced the vaccine with a fake vaccine.  Then, he planted the giardia critters into our water and now I am infected and Steve might be too.  That's the only logical explanation!

I am now keeping a close watch on Wilbur's every move in case he tries to infect me again with something else!  And to make matters worse, Mom says we can't go to the dog park again until we are cured because she doesn't want to risk infecting some other person's dog.  Yet another way Wilbur is taking the fun out of our lives!



Mud Monster said...

Oh Kat. That is horrid. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I sure hope Wilbur isnt to blame for your infection. An I sure hope Steve don't have it too. You poor sweet thing you.

Keep us posted and even tho I hope Wilbur didn't do it. I wouldnt take my eyes off him. You know those kitties can be sneaky. ;-)

Husky Love and Licks,
Tristin & Quincy

Yuki n Joyce said...

Heya guys!! Steve and Kat you two are gorgeous!! aww sorry to hear that Wilbur is spoiling your fun, but hey now that you are at home all the time, mayb you can steal some of the treats from mummy=D


Khady Lynn said...

Yikes! That's nasty stuff. Abby has had it before and had to take meds. Luckily it went away. Hope you are all feeling better soon! And keep an eye on Wilbur!


Tucker said...

Kat, Timber had that too when she was found in the hills. Says the Human Assistant. You will get well again.

I have posted about how evil cats are. But I don't think they can plan ahead like that.

I'm thinking you picked it up on your trip. H.A. says, "When one thing changes, look for something else that also changed."

Tell your humans to be careful because they can get it from you. One of H.A.'s favorite chemicals, bleach, doesn't kill giardia. Fooey!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


I knew it I knew it!!

It is the fault of the Evil Khritter!!!

Khase Khlosed!

Khyra Kholumbo
Siberian P.I.

Pee-ess: hope woo feel ALL better soon!

The Daily Echo said...

Eek! That's nasty. But it's good that smart vet caught it. Do you really think Wilbur would be THAT sneaky?? Woo!

Peanut said...

Hmm well wilbur needs to say he's sorry I think

Anonymous said...

Oh No Kat! I am so sorry to hear about this. Tia says that there is no possible way that her boyfriend is involved in this. I just don't know what to think. I mean, how did Wilber get to the vet to make the switch? Did he hitch hike???


Marley said...

Oh my DOG - what is going on with all the cats?! I believe that they are taking advantage of the cheerful holiday season, thinking that our guard is down!

Ziggy had giardia a couple of weeks is NO FUN AT ALL. He was on the same diet that you two are on (lucky me!). It takes a while, but everything will be OK!

The thing about the "vaccine" is that it doesn't actually prevent you from getting just reduces the amount of shedding the parasites do, thus reducing reinfection of yourself and otherpups and cats. It's all a lie!!!!!


The Army of Four said...

Oh, Kat! So sorry to hear about the giardia - but you don't reaaaalllly think Wilbur did it, do you? He's too nice!
Our great sisters got that once; the vet said they got it from drinking out of water beavers had been in. Beavers!?!? Squirrels with bucked teeth. Anyroo... have you been hanging around any dams lately?
Tail wags,

Kapp pack said...

As I always said cats are E-V-I-L!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Jack & Moo said...

Yucky, that doesn't sound like something you want to keep around. Hope woo guys get well quickly. As for Wilbur, I think you should keep an eye on him for signs of this yucky gee-ardy-ah, if humans can get it from you, maybe he can too. Sick cats are no fun either. Personally I love cats, and the cats I lived with were not sneaky, but maybe they were especially nice cats.

sharkgila said...

Five days of medication. It will fly by and then you guys can go to the dog park again.

Keep an eye of Wilbur! Sneaky sneaky..