Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wyoming is Boring

I spent a lot of the trip riding in the back of the 4Runner, supervising the furry beasts. Luckily the furry monsters had to wear their seat belt harness things and I was free to roam about.I spent some time in the front seat, allowing Mom to pet me when I commanded her to do so. She made me wear a stupid harness so she could attach a leash to me when necessary and I wouldn't escape from the car. So to punish her for those actions, I made her pet me a lot. I also discovered that it's nice to sleep in the floor by her feet because warm air blows about down there.

Anyway, we were driving across Wyoming when I decided that it was taking far too long. There wasn't anything good to stare at and I was getting bored supervising the furry beasts and demanding to be pet. So I took matters into my own paws. I started driving the car. I think we were done with Wyoming within about 30 minutes after I started driving. So that was a success. After I drove, I went back to the floor and took a nap across Utah.Some times a cat has to take charge!


the many Bs said...

hey Wilbur, that's good driving that you did. and we're happy to see Steve and Kat enjoying the snow along the way. we love the snow too. it snowed at our house a bit last night, but it melted away. darn.


Peanut said...

Maybe I should have tried driving also. I agree with you that wyoming was boring. Utah isn't much better at all.

Marley said...

Wilbur, you are a cat of all trades. Nicely done, showing the humans how to drive. I love it!


Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Wilbur, you are awesome!

The Daily Echo said...

Wilbur - they would never have made it without you! Dad needed a break anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wilber!!! You are SOOO talented! I am proud to call you my man! Nice work driving the car! This is a great photo. Oh, your harness does look cute on you!

Bama said...

Wooo Wilbur,
You must be the smartest cat ever! We didn't even know cats could drive!! Maybe we should try to be nicer to the ones that attempt to visit our yard? Mama says yes, but I say we think on it a bit....It wouldn't do to listen to her & have her start thinking we'll do it all the time. (mommy disclaimer, no kitties have been hurt, but these guys definitely have a strong prey drive. I think all the kitties have learned to avoid our backyard.)
OK, mom, they get the idea. Hope your trip is going well, and you get to you're new home soon. We're jealous, that part of the country is mama's second choice for our next home. We think you'll love it when you get there! Safe travelling.
Bama & the RHP

sharkgila said...

Wilbur, aren't you a smart one! And so nice of you to take over the wheel and let daddy rest awhile.


The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

way to go wilbur! ha-woo!


The Army of Four said...

Wilbur! That is so COOL! I didn't know you knew how to drive! Way to GO!
Tail wags,

Amici said...

Wilbur, you sure look like you know what you're doing. :) Did you get there any faster?

Good thing the pups didn't try it....your human wouldn't have been able to see!