Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our House: Tuesday Edition

Here's a picture of our house today. No, I am NOT looking at Steve's butt.

We are leaving tomorrow to drive to Seattle. We get to go to day camp in the morning and then Mom and Dad will pick us up and we will hit the road. Mom is bringing her laptop, so if we have internet at the hotels, we might post some pictures of our trip. Otherwise, we'll post on Monday when we get internet set up at our new residence.

Wish us luck that we see some snow on the trip!!



sharkgila said...

Ooooh, the house is all empty. Are your hoomans sad to leave?

Enjoy the roadtrip, crossing paws for some snow for you guys!


Kapp pack said...

We've been thinking about you and your impending move. We'll send some sibe vibes out for you safe travel. Hopefully you'll get some turkey on Turkey day too!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Peanut said...

Good luck on the move. It's a long drive. Beleive me I know. You will do fine though.

Moco said...

You packed really fast. Take care on your trip. I hope you like Seattle, though I like Oregon better than Washington.

Anonymous said...

Wooo Steve, Kat, and Wilber... We hope that all three of you, mom, and dad have a safe drive. Please keep us posted (if you can) and let us know that you all are safe throughout the trip. Oh, we hope you see snow!!! How exciting would that be? I don't think Wilber would be to impressed, don't ya agree?

The Army of Four said...

Be safe, you puppies!

The Brat Pack said...

Good luck on the move and please be careful! We look forward to hearing how your move went!

The Daily Echo said...

We wish you a safe journey! We'd love to see pictures along the way if you can. We'll be sending those wonderful Sibe Vibes and you'll be in our thoughts.
P.S. You have to try howling in that empty house! I'll bet it will sound pretty amazing.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I still wish woo woo'd have moved to Mary-land for I was SOOOOOO looking forward to meeting Wilbur -but I am furry happy for woo!

Safe travels and oh yes

let it snow
let it snow
let it snow

Wuv and Wags,


Deanna said...

good luck on snow!

Amici said...

We hope you're having a good TURKEY day!! :) Safe travels to you all! Your house doesn't look the same....we hope you're glad about the move.