Monday, November 26, 2007

Greetings From Washington!

Hey pups! Kat here. We made it to our new home and now we have internet. We have so much to write about, so I'm going to break it up into bits about our trip and arrival. I'll tell a little bit every day, and maybe I'll let Steve and Wilbur write some too.

On Wednesday, Steve and I went to day camp for the day. Mom and Dad picked us up and we hit the road. We had reservations in Salina, Kansas, that night, but since it took Dad a lot longer to pack the car, we didn't get there until 2 AM!!!

In the morning when we left, Dad was packing the car and left our food bowls on the top of the car. So we lost those somewhere in Kansas. We didn't discover that they were lost until later in the day when Mom and Dad were going to give us some water.

To make the trip easier on Steve and me, we stopped at some dog parks along the way. We stopped in Denver on Thanksgiving. Guess what? There was snow on the ground!! It was so cool. Here's a video of us running around in the snow.

Then I discovered that I could roll around in the snow! That was super good. Here's a video of me rolling around. Steve didn't want to make snow doggie angels like I did.

So that's my first update on our big trip. Today is also our dad's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!



The Daily Echo said...

We're so glad to hear from you and are happy to hear you're HOME! Snow is so much fun. When we have lots of it I love to dive underneath and tunnel through like a Siberian submarine. Happy Bday Dad! Are you having cake perhaps??

Peanut said...

Glad you made it okay even with the lost food bowls. Happy Birthday to your dad. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Oh boy oh boy!

That was just TOOO khute for words!

You too are going to have some fun - just wait until it is up to chest or your ears or the tip of your furry tails!

Glad you've made it to Seattle -

We've missed Woos!

Happy Birfday to your hu-dad too!



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


Guess Wilbur wasn't with the bowls!?!?

Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

Woo Woo WOO!! We are glad you made it to WA safe and sound! What a bummer about the food bowls! Oh well, mom and dad, I am sure have already bought you new ones ;) Oh my dog Kat! You look sooooo cute rolling and playing in the snow. I could see immediate excitement in the first video of you running with your snooter in the air. The rolling was hysterical. Mom was laughing with your mom!

Keep us posted on how you are. Tia wants to know how Wilber did on the drive?


Jerry's Dallas said...

What a trip.

Anonymous said...

Wooo! We forgot to wish your dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



Moco said...

Glad that you made it safe to Seattle. You can enjoy the cold we are having right now. What's with Steve and the snow? I thought all Huskies liked the snow. Happy Birthday to Dad. Maybe he will get a pound of sardines for dinner like Peanut.

sharkgila said...

Great to know you guys arrived safely. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

That roll in the snow looks so so fun.


Lacey said...

We are glad to hear that you made it to your new house - and just in time for your dad's birthday. Rolling in the snow looks like fun. I like to roll like that in the dirt in our yard.

Maddox said...

Oh wow, what a cool Kat! So glad to see something from ou guys.

I just met a girl on livejournal who lives up that way who does mushing and such with her Sibes. There's alot of things like that going on that way--maybe someday we'll see Kat in harness, pulling you along the path. Oh and maybe Steve too...

Loved kat's snow angel!


Tucker said...

The Human Assistant has lost many things from the top of the car! Today it was almost a bag of food! But somebody noticed it before he got in.

But your mom and dad are engineers ... why didn't you go on a train?

Khady Lynn said...

I was waiting for your first snow poop video!!

It sure looks like y ou were having a great time! Kat looks more like a snow fish! And Steve likes to eat it. We love to eat the snow too. Congratulations on your first playtime in snow!!
And Happy Birthday to your dad!


Amici said...

We're very happy that you all arrived at your new home safe and sound!!

Your humans are so great to stop at dog parks along the way. That must have been a great way to stretch those legs!

Hope the new job goes well for your Mom and Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! We smell some cake....:)

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Wow what fun you had in the snow, Kat! It looked like you were swimming in it. Too bad about losing your bowls. Glad you made it to Washington all safe and sound. And a very happy birthday to your dad!! Can't wait to here about the rest of your trip. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

Marley said...

Your snowdoggie angels were super cool. How great of your parents to stop at dog parks awhile driving across the country!

We are so glad you made it safe and sound.

Happy birthday Dad!!

The Army of Four said...

Kat! Isn't snow WONDERFUL!?!? I'm so glad you got to stop and play in some. I love your snow angels! :)
We'll keep an eye out for your bowls, OK?
PS: Happy belated birthday to your dad!!!