Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hound Dog Hustle

Wow, what an exciting morning we had! It started out with Mom and Dad getting up pretty early for a Saturday morning. We could tell that we were going somewhere because Mom was packing a bag with four water bottles - one for each of us - Mom, Dad, Kat, and me. (Wilbur has to stay home for everything.) I heard Mom tell Dad that we needed to be on the road by 7:00 so we could "get there on time". "Where?" I thought. That's when Mom told us the surprise. We were going to the Hound Dog Hustle. Kat very politely told her that we are huskies and not hounds. But Mom said that it didn't matter, we could go anyway. So we were excited. I was so excited that I pooped on the floor in the living room and then kinda tracked it all over the house. So that meant that Dad had to spend a lot of time cleaning while Mom kept Kat and me from getting in the way.

Finally we were ready to go. We got in the car at 7:15, but Mom said, "I think we will still make it!" I asked, "What's the hurry, Mom?" She said, "Well, Steve, I've registered us for the race, but we still have to check in by 7:45 and the race starts at 8:00! We don't want to be late." So we were on the road. We got about a mile down the road when Dad says to Mom, "Did you get their collars with their registration tags?" Mom said, "Oh no! I forgot them." So we had to turn around and go home because we had to wear those.

We were on the road for the second time at 7:23. At this point Mom is really worrying. She says, "Well, maybe the race people will still give Steve and Kat their goodie bags even if we miss the race."

We got to the race location and parked the car at about 7:53. Mom jumped out of the car and gathered us up, but Dad couldn't get out of the car because these people had their car door open and he was trapped! Finally he managed to get out. So Mom gave Dad Kat's leash and away we went towards the check-in tables. We got to the tables just as the race was starting. The ladies at the tables were super nice and they gave Mom our goodie bags and said we could just join in with the race even though we missed the start. So Mom had to pin race numbers on Dad's shirt and her shirt and then we joined up with the pack. There were so many dogs racing with their humans! I wanted to stop and sniff every one of them, but Kat said, "Come on Steve! We are huskies! We need to be in the lead." She was really trying to get Dad to run, but he didn't want to. We still got to pass some people and dogs, like the bulldog who was really slow. I had to stop to poop and Kat said, "Come on Steve! Focus! This is no time for pooping. Your pooping already made us late, so we could have been in the front if it wasn't for you." I finished pooping anyway because I can't let Kat boss me around too much.

Right after we got into the race, Mom said, "Oh no! I forgot my camera!" Dad said, "Oh well, we are lucky to have even gotten here in time." So unfortunately we don't have any pictures of us racing. At the end of the race, Kat and I got medals. We are really cool now. Mom took our picture at home so we could show you our medals. Aren't they the greatest!
After the race, we went and walked around where all of the booths were set up. You will not believe what we discovered. Huskies! The Dallas Husky Rescue was there. We were excited to finally be at something where we weren't the only huskies. We hung out with those huskies a lot while our parents talked to the humans. (One of the humans said to my mom, "You must get a Dyson!". I think that means trouble.) And Holly, just so you don't feel left out, we also found the Texas Malamute Rescue. They had a really fluffy malamute with them and I sniffed him over. Mom and Dad were happy because the husky rescue people told them that we were some of the best behaved huskies they've seen.

It was a really fun morning. We got our picture taken for the newspaper, so I hope we make it into the paper. We won't know until tomorrow, but I'll keep you posted. Also one of the husky foster moms took a lot of pictures of us, so if we get them, we'll have to post them.

Now we are really tired. Dad and Kat are already napping. I'm going to nap too, but I'll post some pictures of us napping this afternoon so you can see how tired a Hound Dog Hustle can make you!

That blue star is one of the things from Kat's goodie bag. It squeaks. The red bone in my picture is what I got in my bag!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Steve (and Kat)... it sure looks like you both had a GREAT day!!! If you make it in the paper, you will have to scan the picture to post for us all to see! you both are so darn cute!!!

Hugs, Sitka

The Daily Echo said...

That Hound Dog Hustle sounds totally cool! I would like a medal. I like them alot. They make you both look very important. Congratulations!

Cubby said...

You look smashing in your medals! Congratulations!

Holly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish we had something like that here. Our Humans Society does have an annual Walk for the Animals, where we get lots of goodies and raise money for the shelter, so I guess that's pretty close.

Thanks for checking out the Malamute rescue! We need help too cuz we are a lot like you huskies, and people just don't understand us.

Great sleepy pictures! I love the one in front of the door! Great guarding!


Sooky said...

Great job Steve and Kat. I love the picture of you both wearing your medals. Puppy Kisses, Sooky

The Army of Four said...

WOWZERS what a great adventure you two had! And MEDALS?!?!? You're so cool!
Your new toys look cool, too. Wonder how long the squeak will squeak?
Be sure to let us know if you're in the paper. We'll want your paw-tograph!
Play bows,

Thor said...

Congrats on the medals! They make you look even more pawesome!

Windswept's Diamond Royale said...

woowoowoo I am jealllllous! what fun!!!