Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Born Free!

Today was doggie day camp day. Steve and I loaded up in the car and Mom and Dad drove us to Petsmart. Once we arrived at Petsmart, Dad opened the back door of the car to get Steve. He thought that Mom was getting me out on the other side, but Mom was walking around the back of the car to get me out the same side as Dad was getting Steve out. I decided that it was a perfect opportunity for me. Dad had a hold of Steve's leash, but not mine, so I jumped out of the car and ran to the Petsmart. I waited for the front door to open, then I ran inside the store and I would have ran all the way back to the day camp area, but a Petsmart worker caught me. While I was running free, Mom was chasing after me yelling, "Kat! Here, Kat!" She couldn't catch me though because she was wearing her work shoes and they each have a stick on the bottom to make her taller and she can't run very fast in those shoes. Mom said she was really worried about me and that I could have gotten hurt. I was just trying to save time. I can get to day camp much faster if I'm not having to lead Mom around on her leash. I would never actually abandon her. We are the only girls in the house. We have to stick together to be the human and canine alphas!


Mommy and Me - Best Friends


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Kat...
A Siberian Husky who when off leash runs into a building rather than somewhere else. Impressive!! I got out once, and it scared mom! I never did it again! I am glad you ran inside to get to camp!
Hugs, Sitka

PiratesGrrl said...

Oh boy, I bet your Mom was scared to death. I'd never hear the end of it if I did that. It's pretty cool you guys get to go to camp so much!

Thrawn from The Brat Pack

The Army of Four said...

Oh, WOW, is that scary! I'm glad you just ran to PetsMart! (whew!) I'll bet you almost gave your mom a heart-attack!
Tail wags,

Tasha & Eva said...

Way to keep the humans on their toes, Kat! We're glad you ran to where you were supposed to and not into traffic or something like that. We got away from dad one day after we got back from the dog park and ran onto a nearby road. We stopped traffic and dad said we gave him the worst scare of his life. You're one smart girl to go to the Petsmart door. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Holly said...

Another shining example of misbehaving, and snubbing the human authority figures!

You will make an excellent adult Husky, once you get there. You are already ignoring the commands you were taught at school, which is the first rule of Huskydom - only obey when YOU feel like it!

I am glad, however, that you were not hurt, and that you made it inside to safety!


Sooky said...

Wow Kat, You are amazing, Glad you went into the store and not into traffic. My mom would freak too if I did that, I love the picture of you and your Mom.
Puppy Kisses, Sooky

Maddie & Frankie said...


Oh I bet your Mom was off her rocker! Us Sibes can run very very fast, yes?! Thank goodness
you were running into the Mart of Pets :-) I bet they saw your cuteness comming and were very happy to greet you running into their arms. My Mom said to tell you not to scare your momma in her stick shoes ever again! My Mom would have a attack. I did that one time to her and thought she was gonna die, and she wasn't even wearing those big girl shoes.

Frankie Girl

Lisa said...

Kat, Kat, Kat, you must never leave your mommy unattended when she is on the leash. Promise me you won't do that again!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Kat! You are one crazy canine. Tattoos, mad escape plans .... is the bank heist next?