Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Food Shortage

Hi puppies! It's Steve again and I want to write about a scare we had here this weekend. Sunday morning when Mom was getting our breakfast, here's what we saw.

Did you see what was wrong in that picture? That's right, our food storage container was almost empty! We could see the bottom! Even Wilbur was worried and it wasn't even his food.
Well, after breakfast, Dad disappeared for a while and when he returned, he had a giant bag of Canidae on his shoulder. That made me happy, but I still wasn't sure it was going to be enough. Once he had dumped it into the storage container, I inspected again.It wasn't quite full, but I decided it was good enough for now. Whew, crisis averted. That was hard work! (Dad also brought home some Felidae for Wilbur, and I was glad since Wilbur had shown so much concern for us.)


Note: Some of you might be wondering how many scoops it takes to feed two huskies. Well, the answer is that if your parents are both engineers, they like to be exact, so they measure out our food precisely with those red scoops. I guess they don't want us to get too much food, but I'm sure I could eat it!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo Steve and Kat!!! Oh my.. I can not believe that your food storage container got that low. Something must be done and you need to insure that doesn't happen again. Hey.. how do you like Canidae? Mom has been thinking of switching me to that. Let me know..
Hugs, Sitka

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You asked how we liked Canidae. We like it a lot. I even lick my bowl clean! Mom and Dad like it because we don't have to each as much food. The recommended portion for puppies of our weight is less for Canidae than other brands because they say more of it is digested or something. All I know is that it means less poop for Dad to scoop. It costs about $35 for 40 pounds, but since we don't eat as much, the parents think the cost balances out.


I like the Felidae too. Unlike the furry beasts, I get to eat as much as I want, so Mom just puts some in my bowl and I eat it. She's noticing that I'm eating about half of what I used to eat but I'm not losing any weight. It just makes me fuller or something. It's $10 for 5 pounds. I am only on my second bag as I just started eating it.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo Steve, Kat and Wilber...

Sitka here - thanks for your opinion of Canidae. When I was a pup, I was on Iams, then a year ago I was changed to Science Diet. I have Corneal Dystrophy and need a low fat food, and no fish oil (if possible). Apparently that causes fatty oils to build up in my eyes and that would not be good for my future. With all of the food scares, mom (on Sibernet) has gotten some food suggestions. Canidae is sold in our town.. so she is thinking about switching to it.

Tia here - Wilber, thanks for the info on Felidae. Does it come in can and dry? Mom is worried to change my food for fear that it may make me mad!!! What is your opinion on that? See, I am 14 and have been on the same food for about 7 years or so. What were you on before Felidae? I have Friskies (can) and Cat Chow (dry).

Hugs, Sitka and Tia

Holly said...

We all get our food measured too. Something about weight issues.

I get Blue Buffalo lite (those weight issues again), Abby and Kona get Blue Buffalo Senior, Sam gets Natural Balance Duck and Potato cuz of his allergies to EVERYTHING, and Monty gets Science Diet RX u/d because of his kidney stones. We also get canned (Blue Buffalo, SD u/d, and Evangers duck) to mix with our dry.

An excellent kitty food is Purina One Senior protection (for Tia). My kitty Kirby (who just recently passed away) ate Purina One since he was a kitten. Then, when he got to be about 10, mom put him on the Senior Protection formula. And, he lived to be 17 (would have been 18 in July) so it must be VERY good food! Especially since he was NEVER sick before the lung tumor.


Lisa said...

At least your mommy didn't run completely out of food. Ours did and she fed us tuna and Leo puked it up. We had to wait all day until she came home from work with a BIG bag of kitty food for us and filled up our food bin and still had half a bag left. We told her if she does it again, her bed becomes our new litter box.

Meowtsa love,
Leo, Scully, Maggie, Sammy & Cocoa

P.S. We don't like her sharing treats with the outside kitties either, but at least she gives us treats then, too.