Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Collars

It's my turn to write about collars! We each have two collars and a harness. Our collars and harnesses match too. One of our collars is a correction collar. I like to pretend that it's a pretty necklace. Steve and I get really excited when those collars come out because that means that we are getting to go for a walk.

Here we are in our correction collars.
Our other collars (and harnesses) are blue (for Steve) and pink (for me). Here is Steve modeling both collars. You can't see the blue because he's so furry! On the blue and pink collars, we have our name tags, rabies tag, and city registration tags.

I don't have a picture of myself modeling my pink collar. There are two reasons for this. (1) Steve is a camera hog. Every time Mom tried to take my picture, Steve would stand in front of me so he would be in the picture. (2) I don't like to pose for pictures, so none of the ones with me turned out.

Have a good weekend everypuppy!



Holly said...

I think the pink and blue would be much prettier than the correction collars. And nicer FOR you too!


The Daily Echo said...

We have those correction collars too and we go bonkers when we hear them jingle cause we know what that means! When we go to Meet and Greets we wear them and we LOVE Meet and Greets!

The Army of Four said...

Both of my brothers love the camera, too. Not me. Unless we're outside. Then I don't care.
Does your necklace stain your neck?

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Kat, you should have pushed Steve away from you so we could see your pretty pink!!!

Marley said...

Hi Kat! I have cool collars just like you and Steve...but it was really neat to see yours!

I would like to know where your Mom gets your homemade treat recipes...I keep seeing them pop up on other pups posts, and I want my Mom to make me some good stuff, too! Your Mom looks very talented!